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Wadsworth Family

Hi all,
Hope someone can help me,I have found my Great Grandfather on the 1901 census but cant find anything of him or family on 1891, His name was William Wadsworth born 1857, and two of his children were born then, Ambrose 1887and Phoebe1889,on 1901 census he is in Newton in with wife Mary and children but moved from Worsborough in Yorkshire, tried everything but just cant find them, If anyone has time to have a look and hopefuly come across something i missed i would be very very grateful. he married Mary in 1892 so should have another wife on 1891 cencus,hope you understsnd all that.
Regards Janet(Wadsworth)
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madison, New York
I didn't find anything on the census but I did find this and it must be one of your family members, unless of course if this is you.
My Great Grandfather
Added by bazjan69 on 25 Mar 2007
My GGrandfather,William Wadsworth was born in Worsborough,Yorkshire in 1858 after he married and had 2 children, he moved to Newton in Makerfield in the late 1800's where he married my GGrandmother(Mary Jane Stott) not sure what happened to his first wife,i presume she must of died as my GGrandfather moved with his children and as yet haven't found out her name.
He died in 1919 when he was knocked down in the High st in Newtonat the age of 61

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