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Hi Simba,

Welcome to the forum. There are not many Waights with that spelling on the census, they are from Harwich, Sheppey and Plumstead Kent. Do you have any census info? I see you are looking for Seaman one of the Waights has that as their middle name.
dear juliethanx yr message my family name waights is unusual but its not making it easier alas.as u said william waights born 1840 or 41 harwich has seaman as middle name=he was my great grandfather-but I can't find his parents anywhere!(his uncle was a Seaman)any ideas?simba x
Dear Julie sorry if any confusion am v new to this but its v addictive!yes waights name unusual but doesn't help !at present stuck-william seaman waights was my great grandfather(born1840/41 harwich)but can I find his parents?no just his uncle,erckiel seaman.census didn't help either.very odd. there are quite a few waights family prior to that but can't link them with ws waights.hmmm simba x
Hi Simba,

If you apply for his birth certificate it will give you his parents names fathers occupation. Found Charles Waights marrying a Elizabeth Nalborough one of yours? they are both transcribed as White on the 1851 census, but someone has put a correction in. It looks asthough the name Waights will have many different spellings.
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thanx4your reply.this is prob a very daft question(pls forgive a newbie)but how do I get his birth cert?yes charles waights is prob one of mine!simba x
Hi Simba,

You can order certificates on line at a cost of £7.00 each see link below.


Birth for William Seaman Waights year of registration 1840 district Tendring June 1/4 vol 12 page 249. The no 4 has been transcribed as 4 by Ancestry and free bmd when you view this you can see for yourself whether it is a 4 or not.

You can view the birth index on Ancestrys partial bmd for free and on the free BMD site.


thanx julie have ordered certificate-am impatient now!shame re postal strike.fingers crossed that when I get it I can tie up more family tree loose ends!simba