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WALKER family from Ireland

WALKER John Death notice 20DEC1894 Death 29 at Sydney, NSW Sydney Morning Herald 22DEC1894

His father is from Scotland.
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Thanks Geoff.

That rules out his father John being in NSW.

Most of what we have fits except for a few very important bits.

I still think we will be working on this next year. :)
Thomas Walker & Co and William Walker & Co were agents in Sydney who mainly brought out Scottish immigrants.

The note on the shipping record does not indicate Mr Walker was any relation. One of the agents.
Shipping record has Mary's maiden name as Shine.

Baptisms solemnized in the Parish of Saint James Sydney in the County of Cumberland in the Year 1843
No. 250 When Baptised: September 24th When Born: Augt. 13th 1843 George Shine - John & Mary Walker Abode: Elizabeth Street Quality or Profession: Musician By whom the Ceremony was performed: Chas. C. Kemp

Perhaps John pretended to be a carpenter and schoolmaster for immigration purposes. How many musicians would Sydney need in 1842?

The connection to 20 Park-st and third son is correct.

The Sydney Morning Herald - Wednesday 18 May 1870 p.11
WALKER - FLETCHER.-April 20th, at Young, Lambing Flat, by the Rev. W. Robson, Wesleyan minister, George Walker, third son of Mr. John Walker, of 20 Park-street, Sydney, N.S.W., to Emma Jane, third daughter of Mr. William Fletcher, storekeeper, Young, Lambing Flat, N.S.W.

20 Park-st = music & books = Mrs (John) Walker - changed owner/user 1870-1872.

A problem with the age. I still can't see John being 52 instead of 32 in shipping record.

Empire (Sydney, NSW : 1850 - 1875) - Monday 24 August 1874 p.1
On August 20, at his residence, Paddington, John Walker, musicseller, aged 82 years.

Empire (Sydney, NSW : 1850 - 1875) - Thursday 5 February 1874 p.1
On the 3rd February, at his late residence, 48 Fitzroy-street, Chippendale, William John Walker, eldest son of John Walker, of Paddington.

William and John died the same year but buried in different sections of Rookwood ???

No burial for Mary in either of those two sections of Rookwood.

Electoral Rolls?
Thanks, Dave.

This is just an observation, no need to comment on.

John's occupation was carpenter/schoolteacher, unless he was a music teacher I wonder how that came about? Wouldn't he have to evidence his occupation? :rolleyes:

Was Charlotte's mar. clarified?
Not sure about evidence for occupation.

The Sydney Morning Herald - Wednesday 21 November 1860 p.9
ALDWELL - WALKER.-November 6th, by special license, at St. James' Church, by the Rev. H. G. Moreton, Mr. W. H. C. Aldwell, to Charlotte Bondwell, only daughter of Mr. John Walker, of this city.


Age fits.

The Sydney Morning Herald - Monday 29 July 1861 p.1
On the 27th instant, at her residence, 31 Buckingham-street, Charlotte Bondwell, the beloved wife of Mr. Wm. H. C. Aldwell, aged 21 years.
Thanks Geoff.

I think we'll leave it there.

We've had the average November rainfall in the last 30 hours.

I'll have a look around the garden now between showers.

Catch you later.
I know we are giving this a rest, but I thought this may interest you..

Charlotte's mar. cert.

Will try again, I know my allowance is nearly full..
I have a low res copy of her marriage and death certificates grabbed off a tree.

Spinster born Ireland age 20 therefore consent given by her father

Usual residence Park-st

Father John Walker professor of music
mother Mary Shine
That is clearer than the one I was trying to read. :biggrin:

So we are left with the age puzzle and the death of spouse Mary.