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Wally moments.

As it seems that organisations now expect everyone to be in possession of the latest products, I went to my bank to ensure they had my mobile phone number. When the lady checked the details on her machine and asked me to tell her, I got it wrong. I hardly use a mobile, I'm told I'm not SMART enough to have one of those but at least I still had the little card with the correct number on it. The looks from the staff are priceless. Thankfully, my pin number is connected to my Army number - will never forget that!
My 'smartphone' didn't do too badly, when I got showered with a massive Atlantic wave that hit the cliff and soaked me. The seawater filled up the hood and my pockets in my waterproof jacket.:ROFLMAO:

My packet of extra strong mints didn't fare so well though.:eek::LOL:
My lap top didn't take to well at having water spilt on it :( will be back as soon as I get a computer sorted.

Got a computer sorted.. a new one :rolleyes: Sometimes you just got to give up and admit defeat. 2 days of trying CPR and that ole laptop just wasn't going to come good. Sadly its been put away for now, loved that laptop :cry:
Now I have a 'Wally' to report, I think I must tell all.:rolleyes:

Earlier this week the garden wall was given a coat of sand and cement rendering to be able to paint it. My neighbor volunteered to do the job required, even though he is 83 years old.(y)
All I had to do is mix the stuff in a cement mixer. and part of that was to add, what they call a plasticiser which reduces the drying time and increases the workability of the mixture.
However, I went rather overboard with the amount of the plasticiser, so after the mix was applied to the wall it never hardly dried. This made the smoothing of the finish of the render taking about 4 hours, instead of 30 minutes. The neighbor wasn't too happy about it, and the language wasn't quite blue, but close enough.:ROFLMAO:
He couldn't understand what the problem was, so I didn't let on that I had put in 10 times the amount of the plasticiser.:eek::eek::LOL:..........it should have been 2.5ml, and I had dumped in 25ml. I blamed the cement for being old, and he just about agreed.:whistle::sneaky:
Anyway, all the rendering has been completed, and looks pretty good, but the neighbor needs a holiday.:LOL:.........but don't worry, he is as fit as a flea, as he's always telling me.(y)
I think you are spot on. :ROFLMAO:

My only excuse is that the measuring part on the plasticiser bottle is in clear plastic, so the decimal point wasn't clear enough to see.:geek:

I have a clear measuring cup and the measurements on that are also clear, damn annoying cause you can't read it properly, the other cup i have is clear but the measurements are in red, makes it so much easier.
While I waited to see Gibbo arrive in the Wally corner, I changed the oil and filter in the car. I had to remove the plastic engine undertray to get to the oil filter. Finished the job in record time.
BUT, I forgot to replace the plastic undertray, I had to jack the car up again and creep under the car to replace it. So it now took me twice as long.:ROFLMAO::LOL:
Well folks, the old age has crept up on me, without me noticing.

Looking through the Oxfordshire Marriage Index, I was getting rather annoyed why I couln't find the marriage of a rellie.

I had the 1858 freeBMD marriage reg. And it should have been a breeze to find the one I wanted.
So after an hour of looking, I realised my mistake.:rolleyes:

The Oxfordshire Index only goes up to 1837. :eek:

The wally's are coming thick and fast now.:ROFLMAO:

Ditto been feeling it for a couple of months
I think USB sticks need a recycle bin.

Last Monday I spent two and a half hours at the local library saving 64 census images to USB. Today at another library for images of early NSW baptisms and marriages I decided to delete the files on the USB. After deleting 80% I realised I had not copied any of them to my computer.
I downloaded a file recover tool and it found the names of the files on the USB but to recover the files I had to pay. It allowed me to view the files so I used the snipping tool to capture the image on the screen. I could only recover 15 of 64 files. The new files today had overwritten parts of Monday's files.
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