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Want to know mother's family tree


I posted in this site a month or two ago about my dad's family tree. This time I'm wondering about my mother's side. As I can't mention her name (I don't want her finding out I'm doing a search on her) is it okay to ask someone via PM?

Basically I was born out of wedlock and as my mother's family were religious they disapproved. My dad's took full custody of me. So I have no idea about these people. I tried "reuniting" with my mother a few times but got rejected. I have a half brother but don't know his surname or exact age. I also don't know if my mother had any other children or if she's married now.

(I don't want to get in touch with her btw.)

I'm interested to know what her family tree/ancestry is. I don't know my maternal grandmother's maiden name (her first name is Sylvia and she married a few times).

Any help would be apreciated :)

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