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War memorial


I have been asked to help with the research on the war memorial at our local Church.
I have a good set of records for the first two names, 2 brothers Ernest and Wiliam Barker, their census 1911 and 1901. medal records, and army records for William only, and a bit more.
Not much luck with the next name, James Barker, I have a good connection in the parish of James in the 1911 census, district 476,sub Longton,institution 8,piece 25241. And the 1901 census. His war medal form, regimental number 24540, and then a brick wall.
Looking for his famliy details if possible dates ect, army records if they have survived, and any information without buying B.M.D certificates as their are two many name's
The Church is "St Michael's Church Hoole" Lancashire, James was born in "Much Hoole"
Their are a few web sites for the Church, worth a look if you are interested in history. Dated 1600.s with many orginal pews.
The web site below will show photographs of the war memorial


Many thanks Adam
Medal card of Barker, James

Corps Loyal North Lancashire
Regiment 24540
Rank Private

Some great photos on the link you posted Adam, thanks :)
Thanks Gibbo
I have found his medal card. With the army records missing for many in WW1, It is difficult to put an interesting file together.
He was in the "Loyal North lancashire regiment" The same regiment as Ernest and William Barker (brothers) They have a web site http://www.loyalregiment.com/ The owner of the site sent me an extract of the war diary for the battalion Ernest was in, recording the action of events on the day Ernest Barker's death. very good Information.
I may have to ask for more information as I work my way down the list.

Thanks for that Gibbo.
I did search that site, but no result, I input all his info, and all I got was zero.
Maybe I need more training.

Have you seen this one Adam?

Preston Guardian Page 2 9th June, 1917

Pte. James Barker, L. N. L. Regt. formerly of Longton and Preston, who was posted as “missing” since Oct. 21st, has been officially reported killed in action. He joined up about Whitsuntide of last year, and went out to France early in September. He was formerly employed by Messrs. Dick, Kerr and Co. He leaves a widow and two children, whose home is 71 Dallas Street, Preston.


If you can get a copy of the Preston Guardian on the above article there is supposedly a photo as well.
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The closest parish to the hamlet of Sollom:

Baptism: 5 Apr 1885 St Mary, Tarleton, Lancashire, England
James Baker - [Child] of John Baker & Ellen
Abode: Mere Brow
Occupation: Farmer
Notes: Private baptism
Baptised by: Robert C. Fletcher Rector
Register: Baptisms 1839 - 1888, Page 292, Entry 2332
Source: LDS Film 1278941

Baptism: 2 Oct 1887 St Mary, Tarleton, Lancashire, England
James Baker - [Child] of John Baker & Ellen
Abode: Mere Brow in Tarleton
Occupation: Farmer
Notes: [Duplicate entry number]
Baptised by: Robert C. Fletcher Rector
Register: Baptisms 1839 - 1888, Page 304, Entry 2427
Source: LDS Film 1278941
Births Sep 1887
BAKER James Ormskirk 8b 810

That includes the parish of Tarleton.
Banns: St Mary, Tarleton, Lancashire, England
John Baker - Bachelor, This Parish
Ellen Miller - Spinster, This Parish
First Reading: 15 Oct 1871; Read By: Matthew Fletcher
Second Reading: 22 Oct 1871; Read By: Matthew Fletcher
Third Reading: 29 Oct 1871; Read By: Matthew Fletcher
Notes: [tick in margin]
Register: Banns 1848 - 1880, Page 79, Entry 219
Source: LDS Film 1278942

Marriage: 2 Nov 1871 St Mary, Tarleton, Lancashire, England
John Baker - 27, Labourer, Bachelor, Merebrow in Tarleton
Ellen Miller - (X), 23, Spinster, Merebrow In Tarleton
Groom's Father: Henry Baker, Farmer
Bride's Father: James Miller, Labourer
Witness: Thomas Prescott; Jane Yates, (X)
Married by Banns by: Mathew Fletcher Rector
Register: Marriages1837 - 1881, Page 197, Entry 394
Source: LDS Film 1278941
James Baker
Event Type: Census
Event Date: 1891
Gender: Male
Age: 3
Relationship to Head of Household: Son
Birthplace: Tarleton, Lancashire
Schedule Type: Household
Registration District: Preston
Sub-District: Longton
Ecclesiastical Parish: Penwortham
Parish: Longton
County: Lancashire

Name: James Baker
Event Type: Census
Event Date: 31 Mar 1901
Age: 13
Relationship to Head of Household: Son
Birthplace: Tarleton, Lancashire
Schedule Type: Household
Registration District: Blackburn
Sub-District: Oswaldtwisle
Ecclesiastical Parish: St Pauls
Civil Parish: Oswaldtwisle
County: Lancashire

I hope the Sollom lead is the right one.
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Thanks Gibbo
That looks fantastic, I will check it out tonight, a busy day today Hospital visits.
I have just received the war diary for the battilion and the day James died, from the owner of the L.N.L.R site.
Also printed the certificate from the C.W.G.C. this shows photograph of the memorial and details of James.
All good stuff for the file the Church warden wants to diplay in the Church.

All I have on James is age 9 in the 1891 census, and age 19 in the 1911 census, both in "Much Hoole Lancashire" I have checked every houshold in the 1911 about 150, and he is the only James of the right age.
Also the Church warden has paid in to on-line site? and found only his army number 24540, regiment L.N.L.R and he died in Flander 21/10/1916
Thanks again

Thanks Dave
James parents in the 1911 are Henry Barker and Alice Barker, just to confuse in about 150 houshold's in the 1911 of Much Hoole, their are about 10 Barker familie's.

Adam i found this, dont help none but if you want a copy for your file just PM me your email and i'll forward one onto you.

There is a big list of men so i just shortened the article by putting etc etc.

The Times (London, England), Friday, Jul 06, 1917
The town shown against each soldier's name is the home of his next of kin, except when followed by the abreviation "Enlt" when its his place of enlistment.
Previously missing now ?? killed
etc etc
Barker 24540 J [Preston]
etc etc
Then Sollom is an error? And I've chased the wrong one?

Dick, Kerr and Company was a locomotive and tramcar manufacturer based in Kilmarnock, Scotland and Preston, England.
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What occupation for James age 19 and in 1911?

I still think some things don't add up.
Thanks Dave and Gibbo
Can you p m that info from the London times Gibbo, it may help.
Dave you have me worried, I don't wish to collect the wrong info for the name, I did search every houshold in Much Hoole in the 1911, and their was only one James Barker.
Longton is 1 mile from Much Hoole, and only a few miles from Preston.
St Michaels Church records are on-line only up to 1900.
I will have to visit Preston library at a later date when I have more to check.
And that photo Gibbo.

Dave occupation For James a "cotton drawer" ?
Their was a cotton mill in preston, I think the building is still their, and a place known as the "waggon works" making railway waggons, long gone.
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Can you p m that info from the London times Gibbo

What i have posted in #15 is all that was in the newspaper. Name of newspaper, date and his name. There wasnt any further info on him. I just wasnt sure if you would have liked a copy of it.