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War Memorials - Locke

Hi Folks, as Remembrance Day approaches I thought I'd ask for some assistance. My maternal grandfather has always been a mystery, but according to my late mother he had brothers who lost their lives in WWI. I have the full list of Locke's from the CWGC website but haven't been able to match any brothers. We know that my Grandfather was not born in Lancashire, Leicestershire (we've never found a birth certificate for over 10 years or with the super help on this forum), but there is a possibility that Essex or the outer suburbs of London could be relevant. So, if anyone ever sees two or more Locke's on any local War Memorial anywhere around those areas, please let me know and then I can start the search. A long shot I know, but my cousin and I are determined to find out where our Grandfather was born, some how. I have no knowledge of any names, dates of birth at all. Many thanks, merci beaucoup; danke schon; diolch yn fawr!
Hello Ianto.

I have been searching on the National Archives site and there are many military records relating to the surname Locke. I don't know if any of them are relevant to you but it could be worth having a look. It is possible to filter your research so that you don't have to wade through them all.

Good luck and let us know how you get on.

Jay :).
Steve, Apart from the fact that he married my grandmother in St Helens in Nov 1914 (he was then in the mines), nothing is known. My grandmother was at home in 1911 census in Leicestershire, and her side is well known and documented. Based on the 'rumour factory', my late mother told me that her father was an orphan and had several brothers and sisters, the boys went in the navy and some lost their lives in WW I. One cousin has said that F.R.L. was the youngest of 4/5 brothers, all went in the navy but our grandfather had poor eyesight and was not kept in. On the wedding certificate he listed his father as John William Locke (deceased), and our attempts to find a census with father and son have failed miserably because we don't know where they lived etc etc etc. So my idea is that if there are two or more Locke's on one War memorial that I can check against CWGC, then I may have an area to work with. Hope this sounds sensible, but you know me!!:2fun::2fun: I live in hope. Iechydd da boyo. Brian
apart from his wife being from Leics, what makes you think he was born there too? I notice there is a date 19.2.1888 - where does the info come from as the death record only gives 1888

Dave, my cousin employed a genealogist who failed to find our grandfather's birth certificate, and Leicestershire was considered more likely than most because it was where our grandmother was born and brought up until 1911. We have also excluded Lancashire. The only John William Locke's (father) I could find were around London but never found a census with F.R.'s name on. His birth date was always given as 29 February 1888 and that agrees with the age he gave on his wedding certificate, but not necessarily the right date. The amount of help I had on here before was phenominal, but that is why I'm thinking of the War Memorials. If two agree with the names on CWGC then I have that area to look into. Because it is the Navy, the names are likely to be on Memorials rather than buried. Many thanks.