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We Are Living a Significant part of History right now

There is even a meme going round dedicated to Albert Trotter, on how in 40 years time people will be saying "During the coronavirus....".
I'll let you know what I think about these 'uncertain times', (as I don't know what the actual truth of all this is), several months after this has finished.

But what will stick in my mind are the stupid people, idiots, profiteers.......rather than the actual virus.

I think the thing I will remember most is, if this came from a wet market in China like we are told....when will the World Health Organisation insist and police the way the Chinese buy their food :unsure:
This isn't the first time a virus similar to this has travelled around the world and won't be the last if they continue to trade in the same way.
It's paralysed all business and our way of life and a terrible loss of life it just shouldn't happen. Health workers are putting their lives at risk looking after the rest of us, this is just unforgivable :cautious::cautious:
I have invented some new games with my 5 year old grandson. With him having Down Syndrome and some health problems that come with it we have to be special careful around him. He does not understand what the virus is about so its up to us to protect him where we can. So new games now but still the same amount of laughs :LOL:
Being the cynic I am, where I live there has been a massive increase in the number of people passing the house. I have seen more dog-walkers, joggers, cyclists and couples exercising their right to go out for a walk in 7 weeks that in the previous 4 and half years. WHAT DID THEY DO BEFORE? None of these people live in our area, my neighbours have confirmed that. Funny old world!!
I have worked all the way through the crisis, I was amazed for the first 6 weeks how many adults with children happily let their children walk, run and play in the roads! It was like the whole world switched off for a few weeks, they seemed to forget some people were still driving on the roads!

Before the virus these people would have been at work and kids playing in parks etc. A lot in my area lost jobs and with parks, pubs and stuff all closed the one thing they had left to do was go for a walk. I would hope or like to think that something positive that would come out of all this is that kids and parents would reconnect without technology while on their walks and been home together. Some old fashioned togetherness that seems to have gotten lost with society going forward with technical devices and the likes of, that shuts people of from each other.