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Welsh names


United States
One of my Welsh g+grandfathers was Robert R. Hughes b. 1821 Abergele, Denbigh and another was Evan O. Davies b. 1807 Llanon, Cardigan. I wonder if the middle name was the name of the father to carry on the naming system that was not used in the English records. If this were so then Robert's father would be a Robert or a Richard and Evan's father would be Oliver or Olwyn. This might help me find Robert's and Evan's fathers.

Robert R. Hughes' sons were Joseph R., Edward R., John R., Hugh Robert and David Lloyd who was named for his mother's father.

Evan O. Davies' children were Thomas, David O., Ann O., Elizabeth O., Thomas E., Jenkin, Mary O. and Margaret. The two children without the O died as infants.

Any comments?
The middle initial 'O' for a man could possibly be for "OWEN". Olwyn is a name for females - I did have an aunt with that name, it's not a name that is used as much now, it seems to have lapsed. The surname "OWEN" or "OWENS" were both in the village I lived in in South Wales, but there are men given the first name "OWEN" as well. The letter 'R' could be almost anything. Using maiden names of wives to continue this with children, as an example, my late father had the middle name Lawrence which was the maiden name of his great grandmother, whose brother (I think) actually brought up his father. So using the maiden names from the female side of the family as middle names for children certainly happened. I'm sorry I couldn't be more helpful.


If you look at Family Search They have a good page on Wales Names Personal, & it goes into detail of how they named their offspring. Good Luck