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were obits popular in wales in 1957

madison, New York
United States
Since I have hit a brick wall :'( and don't seen to get back any further, I keep tring for unconvensional ways to get more information:eek: , so here is my question, how popular were the obits in wales in 1957, did everyone have one written up at that time or not. My grandfather who died in 1938 here, had an obit and that was how I was able to get to my great grandparents, Now my greatgrandfather died in 1957 in wales, since I already have all the censuses that I could get with him and my greatgrandmother, gotten all the registery of births that I could find on his brothers, none on his sisters yet (but that would not get me back any further anyway) even my great grandparents registery of marriage. Picture of their tombstone there, also one of one of their son's and daughter's in the same cemetery. Now if they didn't in 1957 how about 1986 because his brother died in Wales in 1986. Maybe if they had obits I might be able to get a connection with some living member that could get me back further. :confused:
I often find that unless the person was wealthy or was well thought of in the society, the obit will just say something like "Leaves a wife and 2 daughters" or something along those lines.

If you are wanting to try and trace forward and find living rellies I would advise seeing if there were any wills for any of the family members.

They cost £5 but if you send off for it and there isn't one then you don't get your money back.

You can sometimes search the probate register at some libraries and record offices.

This is the link for the form:


Hope this helps,

Hi Tom,

Thanks you your reply, but according to the site you gave me that is from 11 Jan 1958 to present:'( , my great grandfather died 04 Mar 1957 and his wife Sarah 06 Jan 1939, So there not much chance of me getting anything there.
If you can think of anything else that might help I would be greatful. Thanks:) joyce
Hi Joy,

That is for wills from 1858 to the modern day :confused:

I have used it many many times for wills from the 1890s the the 1990s.

Hi Tom,

I am sorry it did say 1858 not 1958, not do you have a site that I can order it and pay for it on the internet, I live in New York and I am sure how to pay from it without using my card, plus when I use my card it converts it for me:confused: but thank you again. Joyce
hiya Joyce,

I did find this on the application form.

When returning the completed application to the Postal Searches and Copies Department in York, please also
enclose the fee of £5.00. Each
extra copy of the same document ordered at the same time will attract an additional
fee of £1.00. Cheques or Postal Orders should be crossed and made payable to ‘HM Courts Service’. Fees from
abroad should be paid by International Money Order, cheque or draft, payable through a United Kingdom bank, and
must be made out in £ sterling. We are currently unable to accept payments by credit or debit card, nor are we able to
receive search requests by telephone. Please contact the Postal Searches and Copies Department for details of fees

for special copies (for instance if you are administering estate abroad), and mark your application accordingly

Not exactly helpful is it?

I'm not sure if the PCC's (I think thats what they are called) how far they go up to.. I know I have seen the ones at the Achives that are massive books and they tell you whether there was a Probate or Admin leaft by the deceased, I think I got one in the 1950's (that was only an Admon though, and doesnt really tell you alot).