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were obits popular in wales in 1957

madison, New York
Since I have hit a brick wall :'( and don't seen to get back any further, I keep tring for unconvensional ways to get more information:eek: , so here is my question, how popular were the obits in wales in 1957, did everyone have one written up at that time or not. My grandfather who died in 1938 here, had an obit and that was how I was able to get to my great grandparents, Now my greatgrandfather died in 1957 in wales, since I already have all the censuses that I could get with him and my greatgrandmother, gotten all the registery of births that I could find on his brothers, none on his sisters yet (but that would not get me back any further anyway) even my great grandparents registery of marriage. Picture of their tombstone there, also one of one of their son's and daughter's in the same cemetery. Now if they didn't in 1957 how about 1986 because his brother died in Wales in 1986. Maybe if they had obits I might be able to get a connection with some living member that could get me back further. :confused:

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