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West Surrey Regiment?

Does anyone know if there is an online database to search for my great grandfather's army records. As a landed immigrant in Canada, he signed up for duty in WW1. On those records he was asked if he had previous enlistment and he wrote "Yes, 6 years - West Surrey". Any pointers are much appreciated.

His name was Sydney Archibald Paris b: 1 May 1872 at Portsmouth, Hampshire.

I also can't find him on any passenger lists coming to Canada or the US. In the 1911 Canada Census, his Immigration Year says 1889.

Lost track of him when he left Canada in 1918, after his service in the Canadian Forces. This "Border Crossings Canada to US" record is the last known paperwork on Sydney.

Any information is greatly appreciated,

Hi Dave,

this is similar to the handwritten version I found of his Attestation papers for the Canadian Forces in WW1. But is this one his actual service record? They don't even know if he survived. I found a Border Crossing record after the war which indicates he left Canada and went to Vermont in 1918. No records for him after that one.

A few indiscrepancies between sign up and this one: they put the day/month of his birthday backwards, sb 1st May. I noticed that when he enlisted he put down his birth year as 1880 (his English birth record is 1872), must have been an older age restriction he was trying to avoid. And he wasn't born in Bruno, Saskatchewan Canada, that is where his wife was living. He actually states his birthplace is Porstmouth, Hampshire in his Attestation papers.

In the handwritten Attestation papers he states that his prior military experience was 6 years in West Surrey Regiment. Is this an English regiment? So far I've had no luck in finding that one.

Thanks for tracking that down, now I know he was a private in the Canadian Forces,

Hello Penny,



It appears to be a site that is similar to an Australian one with information obtained from various sources, not all accurate for various reasons. Sometimes it depends how clear the service records are. Sometimes the information supplied is not the truth for various reasons. For example some lie about their age, as you say, to beat some age limit.

I checked the CWGC and didn't see a record for Sydney so I take it the information you have about him being in the US after the war is correct. I can't see a death there but I only have limited resources and other members should be able to check more thoroughly.



There is a Sydney A Paris on the Seattle passenger and crew list, also underneath is Sydney G Paris. Either one may be a corrected entry. That's all I can view as I my sub dosnt cover world wide.
In the handwritten Attestation papers he states that his prior military experience was 6 years in West Surrey Regiment. Is this an English regiment? So far I've had no luck in finding that one.

Hi Penny - If you click on the link I posted in Post No 2, then click on the link 'the web site of the Queens Royal Surrey Reg', it gives you details, plus there is a contact address where you could ask your question to an expert in that regiment. They may even have details of your man

could this be him arriving in the USA

Name: S.A. PARIS
Date of departure: 11 March 1909
Port of departure: Liverpool
Passenger destination port: Portland, USA
Passenger destination: Portland, USA

Date of Birth: 1880 (calculated from age)
Age: 29
Marital status: Married

The following people with the same last name travelled on this voyage: -


Official Number: 87963
Master's name: W Roberts
Steamship Line: Dominion
Where bound: Maine USA
Square feet: 11656
Registered tonnage: 3400
Passengers on voyage: 293


birth Sydney A Paris A/J 1872 Portsea Island ref 2b 410

Have you found Sidney's parents?

1881 RG11-707-82-19

Joseph Jarriss 34 Sevenoaks Tram Car Conductor
Elizabeth 35 Brighton
Sidney A 8 Portsea
Stanley A 4 Portsea
Parisina 1 Sevenoaks
living - 2 Anns Cottages, Deptford

1891 RG12-702-43-26

Joseph Paris 44 Sevenoaks Pastry Hawker
Stanley A 14 Southsea
Parisena R 11 Sevenoaks
Bessie C 8 Deptford
living Willesborough Kent

Joseph Paris 54 Sevenoaks Pastry Vendor
Parisena R 21 Sevenoaks
William J 15 Kent

marriage - Joseph Paris to Elizabeth Ann Vine J/S 1874 Portsea Island ref 2b 663

(on 1861 census Elizabeth Vine was born 1846 Brighton living Portsea which tallies with Elizabeth Paris on 1881 census.)

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Hi Julie

Good one Julie, I'd noticed Sydney was born before Elizabeth married. I wonder if that's why he was not on the 1891 census. Didn't he get on with his new mother and was he then a boy soldier perhaps lying about his age.