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Westland family name search

Hello , My name is Ken and i've been searching for information on my families roots from the Andrews - Gerrard side and into the Westland side, My Grandparents names were Gordon and Helen Gerrard , Helen Gerrard was formally Helen Westland from Aberdeen Scotland.
here is where it gets confusing , here are some of the records i've found
my mother and fathers marriage cert. says lists her name as Helen Westland ,
my mothers birth cert. lists her as Nillie Macissac,
my mothers birth cert. lists her as Helen Brown ,
she did a border crossing in 1917 with my grandfather and she is listed as Nellie Westland
and My uncle Jack's birth cert. and his Marriage cert. lists her as Helen Westland ,
i have done so many searches i have no idea why i can't find her birth record , and i would love to know more about the time she was in Scotland but mostly i would love to find out who her parents were so i can continue my research.
any help would be appreciated
sorry i thought i posted that , she was born in 1893 , at some point she immigrated to either the U.S. or Canada and met my grandfather and were married ( thats another record i can't find ) and she died in 1972 in Sheet Harbour Nova Scotia
The headstone for Helen has her birth year 1886.
yes , thats right and she died in 1972 about 100 miles from where i live now
the problem i'm having is what was her actual name because the records i have that i know for a fact that are connected to her throgh family show different names , it's very confusing to me


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