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What A Surprise!


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I'm a member of a local website and a week ago I went to the Library with
another member looking for old, interesting,local stories for the Wiki Section.
We took a box each and went through them all and as we were packing away ready to go,I just had a quick shufty through the other box. I almost :eek: fainted with shock when I realised that a newspaper cutting from 1949 was about my Great-Grandparents,William & Mary Jane Burrows,who were celebrating their Golden Wedding:eek: I have got the original photo of Mary Jane but the one of William has been lost. Another fascinating snippet of information was I know that they had 9 kids, 2 Sons and 7 daughters. However,according to the cutting they have 1 son and 6 daughters,so I know the daughter who has died is my Gran and I remember Uncle Billy so the other son Albert whose death I havn't been able to find,at least I know now that he died before 1949.

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