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what am I missing when making new discoveries?


I have been researching my family tree on and off for about 8 years now and have made some decent progress with putting together names, places and dates when connecting the dots etc. The majority of my work has been from using the major boards such as FMP and Ancestry which has been great and really giving me the name and dates as a starting point however there is a growing feeling that perhaps something is being missed.

My strategy seems to follow the following process :

1) Identify the persons name, approx birth, marriage where possible and death.
2) Narrow down the dates to confirm its the right person before ordering any certificates.
3) Search the census records where possible.
4) Move on

Now these 4 steps seem to cover a great deal of info however I am wondering what others do ? is there some kind of repository of information being missed with details of school, work records, medical details etc... I really don't know here so have just thrown some ideas out on the last sentence :)

Any help or advise would be greatly received as this is really something that i love doing however I get so far in, discover a load of data and don't appear to know what to do it with it to make it most useful.

Thanks for reading.


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