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What did you weigh at birth


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Robin Hood County
I'm looking through newspaper records for Idaho 1886-1903 birth announcements, what whoppers!. Theres a 15 pounder, twins weighing 8 pounds each and a 12 pounder. Havn't come across anthing yet under 8 pounds though theres quite a few to go through.
Lol julie, I was at the other end of the scales... literally. I weighed in at a fraction under 2 lbs and spent my first weeks sleeping in a shoe box inside the top drawer of a tall boy. (Boy how things have changed hahahaha)
best wishes,
i was a fatty! 8 pounds 14 ounces! dont know what happened coz in my first school pic i was a skinny lil whelk! and i have stayed like it. Aged 41 im 5ft 8 and a size 10/12 and weigh 10 stone. This last year i have gained about 1 and a half stone but i have some medical problems and medication has made me put some on...........my kids were average weights tho.....my eldest was 7lb 2 2nd child 7lb 14 (my elephant!) 3rd child was 7lb 5 and my baby (now 11) was just 6lb lil skinned wabbit! the eldest 3 are all like me skinny but my youngest is a bit of a podge and yet he was the smallest and skinniest my ex hubby was only 5lb 8oz and hes a really big fella my nephew was 6 weeks early weighed 3lb 10 and now aged 13 hes a right podge! i find it weird how the smaller babies seem to 'thrive' more weight wise later on in life better than the bigger ones do.
You were probaly more bonny that fat. I was just under 5lb so not to small not like Patrick bless him. Hubby was about 4lb and grew to be about 6ft,
son was 5lb 12 and is just over 6ft and daughter 6lb 12 and about 5'7.
I'm the shorty out of the family 5'3.
hi all i was 10lb when i was born and was a little fatty till i was about 6 then i started to grow and now people say to me i should put some weight on even thow i am 16 stone i dont no where the weght is thow lol and to julie my moms like you 5,3 but all her kids are 6ft or over im 6,4 you would think there would be a short one at some time wouldnt you lol

as i said im 5ft 8 both my parents were 6ft 1 (yes my mum was a big lady!) my eldest son is 6ft 2 aged 21 next month and my middle son is 6ft aged 16 my youngest son is only 11 but tall for his age he's about 5ft 1 but my daughter (who was my elephant when she was born) is only 5ft 4 bless her and she only a size 8/10 im so shocked at how tall my middle son has grown though.....considering at age 9 he was still wearing age 5/6 clothes and weighed less than 3 stone his petitness was due to a brain tumour stunting his growth and weight gain.......because of the amount of damage to the brain all the doctors said he would never be as tall as he would have been if the tumour had not been there WRONNNNNNNGGGGGGG they also said he would never walk or talk again or do anything for himself again.......WRONNNNNGGGGGG!
both him and i were determined he wasn't gonna stay a vegetable and stay in his wheelchair like they predicted 2 years of hard, rigourous rehab later and we had got him to a point where he was walking and talking, feeding himself, and re-starting the main stream education system! yea...he had to start from scratch and yea he still has learning difficulties and some physical disabilities.....but it was only this morning he has started college on a skills for life and construction course....he'll generalise for this year and next year will specialise in carpentry and joinery!

Even the experienced dont always get it right. You must be so proud of your sons achievements. Stories like yours give other people hope when faced with these cirumstances.

A work colleagues son, wasnt really that tall when he was younger and nothing to indicate that he would be tall. Every time I see him I cant get over his height, I would guess 6'7 he may even be taller, he's about 20.
I was under 6lbs but I'm only 5ft. My niece was 5 and a half pounds but is now 6ft tall. When she was born all scratch mitts just fell off her hands so we had to make ones. My mother was a very tiny baby too but she was short too. Her mother had one child stillborn before her and my grandfather was unemployed. He lost dole because he went to a relatives funeral and someone reported him as not being available for work so food was scarce. Grandma lost all her teeth due to poor nutrition. My Mum got TB when she was born but she was obviously a fighter.
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Hi All,

Some great stories there. Its amazing to see how some "babies" survived years ago - let alone now days!:)

Well as far as I know I was 7lbs 2oz and my brother 6lbs 8oz. I know in our families past there was quite a few babies that did not survive birth. (stillborn) for various reasons, but there was so many like that then. It must of been real tough.

Ps duckweed
I have changed your signature - Research names - as it was showing - "Add the names you are researching" before your names!:)

I weighed 4 1/2 lbs when born, apparently the midwife told my mum that as I was under 5lb I would have to be admitted to hospital... (home birth back then)

Needless to say the co-op card was erm, altered.... :eek: to read 5Lbs..

my heaviest child was my first, 7lb 14oz
second child 7lb 3 1/2oz
third child 6lb 3oz
Hi Everyone

I am one of twins. My twin sister weighed 7lb 1oz and I weighed 7lb. But now I am the small chubby one and she is taller and skinny. Life isn't very fair at times. :eek:

Regards Pat
Good luck to your son - you must be so proud of him and well done you for all the work it must have taken to get him there. I have a daughter with a long term, progressive health problem and I know how hard it can be to keep them at it. She rebelled a bit in her teens but is now 21 and a bit more compliant! That's what families are for and I am proud of mine.I hope very much that your son does well at college.