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What do you remember?


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March, Cambs
Hi peeps ;D

Now that I'm researching another branch of my family, some of whom were still alive until shortly after I was born, it got me to thinking about the few memories that I have of them. My great grandparents on my mum's side died in 1977 and 1981. I was born in 1973 so I have some memories of them. Ggrandma Granger smoked like a chimney and always had a jigsaw puzzle on the go (she also had quite a mustache as I recall!!). Ggrandad Granger was bald and smoked a pipe, he was a very kind man. These are really the only solid memories of my own that I have - everything else is what my relatives have told me. Does anyone else have those funny little things that stick in your mind about relatives that they scarcely remember?? Share them here!!

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