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What do you use to create your tree?


I am currently in the process of compiling my family tree online at Ancestry.co.uk.

I would like to get some recommendations as to what software/websites people are using for desigining their tree. Not specifically what resources they use to do their research. This can be either paid or free.

The reason I ask is that once my family tree is complete or untill I am satisfied I am as far back as I am likely to get I would like to get it professionally printed in its entirety if possible. Any recommedations of companies that do this are also welcome if forum rules permit them.

If I were to purchase a poster from ancestry I believe their is a restriction on the size of the tree which can be printed which is not that big? I am aware I could export to a GEDOM file and import it elsewhere but I'm thinking if I am going to have to do that at the end is it worth looking at doing it sooner rather than later and having the benefits of the increased functionality such as speed etc now?



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