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What does this mean

I have a James Mead on the 1881 census, & his occupation is shown as Apprentice(22.2) This is not clear on the original, but on the printed record it shows as this. What does it mean do you think?

Well it's on the 1881 census

1881 Census Record
Personal Information
Name James Mead
Age 17
Estimated Year of Birth 1864
Relationship to Head of Household Son
Occupation Apprentice (22.2)
District Whitby, Lythe
Parish Lythe
Administrative County Yorkshire (North Riding)
Birth Place Lythe
Birth County Yorkshire
Reference Information
Folio 71
Page 6
Piece RS00

It just seemed strange. Thanks
RG11-piece 4837- folio 71 - page 6

I dont think its a number. After the census details were taken for various statistics and various marks were made on the record. Occupations were recorded and often the trade the person was recorded under as was added.
I think on the previous census his father was a Woodman, so perhaps James was an apprentice in that field.

sorry can't be more help

I agree with Dave, it doesn't look like numbers on the original. Just a note the enumerator made to himself perhaps a question mark in there to follow up what he is an apprentice in?