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Please can someone help me decipher this place! I’ve been stumped for months now.
I have a name for my great great great grandfather (Henry Cooper) and on his marriage certificate he has stated his father to be Henry Cooper too. I have found the former and his family on the 1901 and 1911 census living in Mortlake, Surrey. However I cannot for the life of me read what his place of birth says!!
Obviously I need this information to search for his birth certificate and find his parents to carry on the lineage.
On the 1911 census Ancestry has stated this place to be “HORSFORD”, HANTS and the birth code next to this is 160 (Southampton/ isle of white).
However I have checked numberous times and this place (horsford) does not exist. Not even on old maps etc.
Then on then on the 1901 census Ancestry has stated the place says Alspont in Hants.
I have never heard of this place and again it does not come up on google searches. The writing is very scruffy and so I’m wondering if the place name has got lost in translation scribed incorrectly from a previous Census?
I have tried everything, broad searches for the whole of Hampshire, Surrey etc to try and find him but I cannot find any birth certificates or older census records that match.
I feel like if I can read his place of birth I will have a much better chance of finding definitely where he was born and lived etc so here’s where you guys come in…please please please can someone read the picture attached and let me know what you think it says? I have outlined the place of birth in grey.
kind regards and I look forward to hearing your suggestions!!
Matt. DDF019B7-ECE7-4E16-AA9A-EC357B6F0105.jpeg