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What happened to Gran's brothers?

My grandmothers brothers David and Walter Simpson are proving elusive. I've looked everywhere for a date of death without success. Family rumour is that they both died as young men in London.

This is the family in 1881 census

Catherine Simpson 48
Catherine Simpson 6 born 16th August 1875
David Simpson 8 born in June Quarter of 1873
Samuel Simpson 51
Walter Simpson 10 born 1871

and again in 1891
Samuel H M Simpson, aged 61, law writer, born Greenwich
Catherine aged 57 born London St Dunstans.
Walter, aged 20, born London St Andrews
David aged 18, born St Andrews
Catherine aged 16, born St Andrews.

I think this may well be Walter..

Name: Walter Arthur Simpson (although this is a Walter ARTHUR Simpson.. looks as though it maybe our Walter unfortunately)
Estimated Birth Year: abt 1869
Year of Registration: 1900
Quarter of Registration: Apr-May-Jun
Age at Death: 31
District: Strand (1837-1913)
County: London, Middlesex
Volume: 1b

Ben found these two entries which may be our David..

This may be David in 1901 lodging at 112 Southwark Bridge Road
St George The Martyr aged 27 born in London a General Labourer.
There was a David Simpson marriage in 1911 in the St Pancras area of London

Can someone please confirm that I haven't missed a death date somewhere and if I haven't, suggest where I go from here?
Hi Lori,

Just using the partial death register there isnt a death registered for a David Simpson in the London/middlesex area . If you decide to get the marriage certifcate it will give the fathers name.
Thanks Julie, I suppose that is the only way I'll know if that David is the son of Samuel. Is there any way I could send a relative to actually look at the records somewhere?
Thanks Julie, I suppose that is the only way I'll know if that David is the son of Samuel. Is there any way I could send a relative to actually look at the records somewhere?

Send for it online, only £7 ish, your rellie will spend that in petrol. BUT, they could search for more info at the same time.:)


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Hello to LoriLori. It was only through "googling" that I came across this website & have registered, but I was thrilled to read your email about Samuel Hugh Mackie SIMPSON & your efforts to find out more. Well I think I can help, as I've done extensive research on the SIMPSONs & we are related, although distantly.

If I read your posts correctly, you are Samuels' great-granddaughter & so are the 3rd cousin of my grandfather. Samuel SIMPSON had an elder brother named William Crispin SIMPSON (1806-1873) & William is my great-great-great-grandfather. I have been researching the SIMPSONs, Samuel included for years & have got to know them through records like censuses & BDM records, so it was a real thrill to hear your post about your grandmother & her recollections of her father, amazing how through over 100 years memories & stories are passed down ! That is the thing I find interesting about all this, hearing & collecting family stories like you tell & getting in contact with living relatives.

Your grandmother seems to have had a hard life in London in the early days, what a shame about the alcoholism of Samuel, as the SIMPSON family was fairly comfortable financially in the early days. Her recollection of a coach at the door was probably true. One of Samuels' cousins was the Captain of Queen Victorias' personal yacht & another was a Major-General in the Army in India. Samuels' brother-in-law George WRIGHT was a Captain in the Royal Marines & later Governor of Holloway prison & Samuels' eldest brother John Frazier SIMPSON (1805-1883) was the Principal of a Naval Academy at Woolwich for about 30 years. But it's wonderful that you say your grandmother came through it all & died at the grand age of 93.

I have my family tree posted on genesreunited & in fact have made contact with someone named Jonathan BROWN, who is descended from the same branch as it appears you are. He has said he is the great-grandson of Katherine SIMPSON (married name MURRAY) through Harriet MURRAY & Jennifer SANGER.

Back to the SIMPSONs, I'd be happy to send you info by email or slow mail (I live in Sydney) on what I & others in our family have researched on the SIMPSONs & related families. By the way I noticed your post about the website "stevenson family.co.uk". That's the website of my 2nd cousin Mark Stevenson in the UK & he has pretty much all the family tree of the SIMPSONs on there. It's funny, but in posting messages about family history, certain branches of the family have no-one else interested, but I have made quite a few contacts with descendants of John & Susannah SIMPSON over the years.

I have quite a lot of info on our ancestor Captain / Commander John SIMPSON (1777-1863) of the British Navy & Coast Guard & on the family of his wife Susannah CRISPIN. John was born in Sussex & spent nearly 50 years in the Navy & then Coast Guard, fighting in the war with Napoleon. He even spent some time as an agent for "the transports afloat", the prison ships at Portsmouth, which held convicts bound for Australia. He married a woman who came from a distinguished line of Navy carpenters & shipwrights, the CRISPINs of Woolwich, Kent & Stepney, London. Your 4Xgreatgrandfather Benjamin CRISPIN (1717-1798 ) was foreman of the caulkers (shipwrights) at the Woolwich Naval dockyards, building sailing ships in the golden period of sailing. Most of the CRISPINs & John & Susannah are buried in the churchyard of St Mary Magdalenes, Woolwich.

I also found Samuel in the censuses, except the 1841 census, I have searched & searched that one for him without luck. He would've been about 11 at the time. I am contact with another descendant of his, Ellie CAMERON, who lives in Canada. She is descended from an elder half-sister of your grandmother. I suppose you know that Samuel married twice. The confusion with his baptism listing in Family Search.org, showing "Muskie" instead of "Mackie" I believe is because it was wrongly transcribed. The Mackie name I believe came from his grandmother Susannah MCKAY who married William CRISPIN in 1775 at St Martins in the Fields, Westminster, London. I also was unable to locate your grandmothers' brothers in the 1901 censuses, although I may have found the marriage of Walter Douglas SIMPSON (Marriage June quarter 1901 Walter Douglas SIMPSON Lambeth V.1d P.544 to either Flora ANDREWS or Hilda CAPERN).

Edited removed email address and mobile phone no. Have forwarded them to Lori Lori.

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Sean! LOL!

I've just received your new email address from Mark this morning! I wrote to you only yesterday at the old one, how amazing!!

Absolutely fascinated with your post and that is an understatement.. I have palpitations to prove it too, still taking it all in.

I'm Jennifer's older sister and Jonathan Brown is my nephew.

Can't take it all in at the moment, its all so exciting. We have visitors here at the moment, however, I write to you ASAP. I just wanted you to know that I have read message and will be in touch.

Thank you so much for contacting, it has really made my day!