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What happened to him?

My gt uncle David Hamilton Brazell sailed to Freemantle on 15 December 1925. He died in Brisbane on 17 July 1961. How can I find out what happened in the intervening years? Did he marry? Where did he go? etc. Any suggestions will be gratefully received! Penny:confused:
Thank you so much Julie! My aunt will be so pleased. How did you manage to look him up? Do you have access to the Australian Electoral Register or do you have a contact? Your help is much appreciated!

Hi Penny,

Australian Electoral Rolls
District Gwydir

David Hamilton Brazall,
Wilson Street,

Hi juliejtp

Like pennywinks I would be interested to know whether you obtained your information directly from the Australian Electoral Register or via a contact.

Any possible sources to explore are always useful to know for future reference.
Really? Cor! I am subscribed to Ancestry and I never know that!!! Cheers Julie - guess what I'll be doing for the rest of the day :2fun: Penny
I logged onto Ancestry and managed to find seven further electoral register entries for David Hamilton, but I don't have World membership - can't afford it unfortunately - so copied what there was and emailed them to my sister in Sydney. Hopefully she will be able to fill in the blanks, year, occupation etc. Thanks Julie for pointing me in the right direction! Penny