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What is this?

Hundreds of items sent off to auction. Cut crystal some watermarked and some not.
Lots of fine bone English china. Pair 9ct gold cuff links, onyx cuff links, 2 Globite suitcases, etc

I knew it was Dutch because the whole dining room had a Dutch theme but didn't know it was Gouda until auction guy said he was keen to take it.
Yes, all sorted now. The load of stuff for auction went yesterday and the Salvos pick up a huge load of stuff today.
Garage sale this weekend so I hope it all goes.
If not there is a handy local council rubbish collection during the week starting 3rd.
A few large items may have to be broken up like an old single bed base. Salvos won't take it.
Thanks Steve.

I'll be busy all day and most of tomorrow with a garage sale.