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What standing would a carpenter have had around 1800's?


Active member
I've posted in the beginners section as well.

I've found out that three of my ancestors and their family died in a ship wreck in 1802 - a husband, wife and 13 year old son - the husband was a carpenter and I believe was around 41-45 years old at the time of his death.

Their deaths left 5 orphans - and in my other question in the beginners section I mainly ask about their likely outcome.

It made me wonder - how low or high would a carpenter have been back then - in social terms - google searches have told me that in the early 1800's the average life expectancy was apparently around 40 years old - so I guess they were an old couple in those terms?! But that feels strange saying that.

If anyone could give me any insight - or point me in the direction of any sources that could that would be lovely, thanks!

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