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What's in a name?


Well-known member
Here's a funny thing that I think you lot will appreciate, at least the cooks in house

I've mentioned before that my surname is Kilner, like the jars and that I do a fair bit of preserving. What I likely haven't mentioned is that I actually teach workshops in food preservation for a living hence my double interest in the jars.

Last week I was invited to meeting with the rep of Canada's largest preserving supply company Bernardin- they manufacture jars and seals as well as all the tools like jar lifters, funnels, racks etc for making pickles and jams. The reps' name is, I kid you not- Emerie Brine.

Also at the meeting (and in fact organized by him), was the manger of our local farmer's market and lead board member for the West End Food Coop which promotes and sells locally grown and prepared food-HIS name is Ayal Dinner.

You can't make this stuff up.

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