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What's your Hobby or Hobbies, besides Family History.?


Staff member
In Ireland, but born Bucks.
As I've asked the question, I'd better go first.;):)

About 3 weeks ago I bought a model railway set, in actual fact, I bought 2. One large one, and a small one.
I thought to myself, this will keep out of trouble for a few weeks. Well, it's certainly done that.

It's not so much the layout of the track, more about the modelling of stuff, like platforms, stations and engine sheds and scenery etc.

My daughter said I'm in a mid life crisis, but I said, I'm not out of the first crisis yet. It's more a case of keeping my feeble mind busy, and enjoying things like this.(As I did when I was kiddie).

But as a Kid, I never did any modelling of sorts. Just put the track together and played with it, for hours and hours and hours.:LOL:
I've just about sorted the layout now, just waiting for a few more pieces of track to finish it. Should be here by the middle of next week.

With experience in the building industry for most of my working life, this small stuff should be easy..........Yeah right!! . With fingers like pork sausages, it won't be easy, I bet the swear box will soon get filled.:eek::ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO:

My other hobby, after family history, is counted cross stitch embroidery. I like to design my own pictures but do admit to cheating as I have a computer programm into which I can scan photos and the programme turns them into embroidery charts. Not every photo is good enough - much depends on the quality of the original. I have, however managed to combine my embroidery and my family history and proudly have embroideries of my grandparents and great grand parents hanging on the wall.
Don't know that hobby is the right word, but the thing that takes up most of my time these days is recording the oral histories of care leavers. I did units on it at uni and have taken it up. So Jude, family history and oral history.
Im a bit like Glen not sure if hobby is the right word for it. I just love been outside, does not matter what i do as long as im not closed up inside all the time. Might be a bit of gardening or pruning or taking the lap top outside to do what i need to do on it.
My main hobby is(was) model engineering:) but since I got all the tools and machines the interest has fled:rolleyes: It would appear that I was more interested in collecting them than using them - then I got the genealogy bug:cool:
Then there is Computing, first as a hobby then an occupation - very useful now for rellie searching:LOL:

Not really a hobby. joined a local singing group a few months ago and I'm there once a week. Again not really a hobby, but been watching many videos recently about people living on Narrowboats and their voyages, now we would like to may be buy a narrow boat to have our own adventures, don't think I would want to live on one permanently though. Many of the adventures are on hold at the moment with all the recent flooding, which I hope no one here has been involved in??