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When This Photo Was Took

Hi, ive been helping my dad with our family tree, and have gotten back to about 1790

We spoke to a few family members who know about past family members who have now died, and wanted to find out as much as possible from them.
My dads uncle and aunty have quite a few photos that are old.

But...theres one certain photo that she let us look at, it was so small and very very old.
But im unsure of who they are. We have a few ideas of who it could be, but the person who wrote on the back of the photo about who was in the picture...is quite forgetful, and so we cant trust what she wrote.

Here is the photo: (click image to enlarge)

Could anyone help me by identifying when this photo was taken?
I would greatly apprieciate it, and it would help us by finding out who these people really are.

Thanks :)

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