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Where are the funnies.


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Ok folks, what's happened here...........no one posted anything in the funny forum for 100 days.:eek:

I suppose there's not been much fun about lately, so we'd better get the ball rolling, and get the chuckle muscles exercised.

So here goes............!!

When we moved to this house nearly two years ago, we set on a bird feeder outside the lounge window...........the usual thing, nut feeder, seed feeder, and a fat ball feeder, quite a feast actually. Anyway, the birds soon found there way to the feeding station and quickly got into the feeding. After a few days of viewing the birds, a rat appeared on the ground and mopped all the bits and bobs that the birds had dropped to the floor.
As you may or may not know, if you see one rat, then generally there are 4 more about. So a few minutes later, number 2 rat appeared, abeit a bit late for any leftovers.
So.................the second rat reared up on it's hind legs, and eyed up the feast that stood about 4 feet above him. He studied it for a while, then toddled off into the bush next to the feeding station. A few minutes later, his head appeared through the leaves, and he started to slowly creep out along the slender twigs. WHOOPS.!!...........he fell down, as the twig gave way.
So, he sat there underneath the feeder again and eyed it up once more...........then quickly ran up the 20mm diameter steel pole that supported the feeding arms with all the goodies on.

I was quite amused at first, until I saw the amount he was getting through, and dropping down to his mate. So something had to be done.
I found a plastic tub lid, about 18 inches in diameter, and pushed the pole through it and slid it up the pole about 3 feet.
A couple of days went past when I noticed the rat was back, and he was studying the pole once more. After a few minutes, he slowly climbed the pole, up to the plastic lid..........stopped, got his breath, then he slowly leaned backwards, while hanging on by his back feet, grabbed the rim of the lid and pulled himself over and went on to munch the nuts. I WAS GOBSMACKED.!!!!

I will not be beaten by this pesky rodent, so I went to the garage and got my tub of grease, then went out and greased the pole. An hour or so passed, then Mr. Rat reappeared, ran up the pole and and slowly slid back down with his little legs going like pistons trying to keep going up it. He slid back down and took another run at it....same result. Several tries later, he gave up and sat on the ground panting his little lungs out.

It was hugely amusing, and fascinating to watch..........that is, the rat AND me, battling for supremacy.:rolleyes:

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