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Where can you look when the trail goes cold?


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Though I'm very much a novice at all this, I'm guessing everyone gets to a point in their tree when they don't seem to be able to go further back - I've gotten back as far as 1610 on some branches of my family tree - but then things just seem to stop dead - I was obviously wondering why/how is it that various relatives seem to appear/disappear out of thin air - I'm guessing there are social history type reasons e.g. legal requirements of registering life events etc - but also - are there other places to look in that case?
I know for instance that for the ancestors that go all the way back to 1610 they never really moved out of the same parish I grew up in and that my parents still live in - so where could I look to double check if that really is the end of the road?

Thanks Claire

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