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Where didx They Die?

Hi Fellow Researchers,

I'm appealing to those of you who are much more savant then myself to assist in finding the deaths (and any other info if poss) on the following of my ancestors.

My Grandfather John Henry BACON c.1901 Westhampnett, West Sussex,

his wife was Violet Blanche BACON c.1908 - 2003 (yes she had the same name as they were cousins) married on the 01 Dec 1928 in East Preston,Sussex.

+ My G.Grandfather Richard Allen BACON C.1875 in West Wittering, Sussex, England. (on the censuses for 1881,1891,1901 he lived in West Wittering,Sussex).

Also another problem I have is not being able to find any information on my Grandfather or Grandmother on my mother's side;

Alfred COLLINS c.1899-1946

who was married to

Lillian May MARSH C.1909-1972

I understand fom my mothers brother that Alfred was born in CORK in Ireland, but he can't remember his grandfather's name(?).

However to complicate matters even further he did tell me that his mother, Lillian, was raised by someone other than family all though he isn't not sure about it.

I'm aware that most of Ireland's information was destroyed in the fire in 1922 but hopefully someone can give me a little guidance.

I'm not sure if (a) I have put this in the wrong place or (b) I'm asking too much info at once.

Many Thanks in Advance,


Further to my "Warning-Check Your Sources"" previously posted I have the descendants of THOMAS BACON C.1720 covering 8 generations including: births,baptisms,marriages,children,occupations,censuses,deaths and burials of over 150 people-available in rtf + the Family Tree in pdf to anyone who'd like a copy or can i post it here somewhere (21 pages!)


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Hi Martin,

Found these deaths:-

Year 1976

John Henry Bacon
Born abt 1900
Jan/Feb/Mar 1/4
District Chichester
West Sussex
Vol 18
Page 2105

Year 1945

Richard A Bacon

Age 70
Apr/May/Jun 14
District Chichester
Vol 2b
Page 534
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