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Where do i start...??

Hi all
Im hoping somebody could point me in the right direction:confused: I have a few details of family but when i try to search for them,nothing is ever found.I moved to Oz a few yares ago and decided to do this only recently,ive been on a few sites and dont get anywhere..:(
have you got details of your grandparents or even great grandparents? If you have got their names, date of birth and hopefully an idea where they were from, it gives you a good start. If you can find them on the 1901 census it makes it easier to go back, if you have not got any details that take you back as far as 1901 things can be a bit more tricky, but it just means you might have to splash out on a couple of certificates to get some more names and dates.
Put what you have on here and i will see if i can find anything to get you started. It helps if they have more than one first name or brothers and sisters etc.
Thanks Magpie
heres what i have..My dads side is very shallow because they dont get along very well:confused:

Dads name terence harrop born 31 may 1947 to william and hilda harrop in manchester. hes mums maiden name was pickfield and poss born in yorkshire around 1920..william was born in salford around 1912 and died in salford around 1995.

Mum has more details:biggrin:

mum born 8 july 1948 in manchester or oldham..she had 2 older brothers, gordon and colin.

her dad was charles henry schofield born 8 4 1912 and dies on 4 mar 1979.
(he would be 95 today)
hes dad was called robert schofield and possibly married to a lady called annie.....mum also thinks charles might of had a sister who died young..
Robert poss lived and died around Lees in Oldham

mums mum was doris thomas born 7 9 1915 in walter st, harpurhey mcr
she died 15 11 1982 in failsworth mcr
her siblings were harold (1910-1912)? lillian(1910-1912)? irene(1916-1919)?
her dad was thomas thomas born around1880 1894?
he died between 1957-1960 in new moston manchester.
thomas thomas first wife died quite young and he remarried ? and had 4 more kids (tv not common in those days)
the 4 were...jean marjorie edward(71) ellison(66)

Ihope this is something you can help me with as ive not found anything more.
Also the paid version of bmdindex.co.uk is it worth paying for??:confused:
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Hi again,

Have had a quick look for you, and have come up with the following so far on your dad's side.

Birth - William Harrop, born Oct/Nov/Dec Quarter 1912 in Oldham. Vol: 83, Page 1175. The mother's maiden name is listed as "Shaw".
Birth - Hild M PITFIELD, born Oct/Nov/Dec Quarter 1920 , Skipton, Vol: 9a, Page 39. Mother's maiden name is listed as "Hodgkinson".

Marriage - Of William Harrop to Hilda M Pitfield, Jan/Feb/March Quarter of 1946 in Salford. Volume 8d, Page 1013.

Birth - Terence Harrop manchester Vol 10e. page 875, mother's maiden name: Pitfield.

On your mum's side I found Charles Henry Schofield born 1912, Apr/May/June Qtr, mother's maiden name was "Moores".

I had to trawl through quite a few original images to get these, but if you look at my reply to "do I exist" and have a go you'll soon get the hang of it :).

Certificates would be the best way to go to confirm the above people are your family, and should take you back another generation so you can start following the census back. Hope the above gives you a few more clues.

Hope this helps.
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Thank you so much for this...I tried doing what you said in the other thread but just trawl through thousands of names:confused:
What do the volume no and page no mean.Is this how you get certs? ive found images but just have names ,no way to I.D them.
Also you say hilda was called PITFIELD i was told PICKFIELD.But i could be wrong...I would go with your findings because everything about her, matches..
Did you find anything on Thomas Thomas ??
I thought this would be quite easy to do,but without help of people like you,id be stuck...
Thanks very much.;)
Hi again,

Answered some of your questions on your other thread. And yes, it does mean trawling through lots of names and dates, lol. I have had a look for your Thomas Thomas and found the following:

Birth of DORIS THOMAS, July/Aug/Sept Quarter 1915, Manchester, Vol No. 8d, page 376 - Mother's maiden name McMULLIN.

I then searched for Thomas Thomas marrying a McMullin and found the following:

Thomas H Thomas married a MARY E MCMULLEN, Prestwich, Apr/May/June Quarter 1913, Vol. 8d, Page 502.

Looks very promising as most of the Thomas Thomas's were married in Wales (as you would expect, lol). But again, it will need to be backed up with certificates to make sure you are on the right track.

Hope this helps.
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I suppose 2 years on is a bit late to reply and I'm not sure if you will ever read this. My husband was Doris Thomas's cousin so I've done quite a bit on the family history. Thomas Edward Thomas married Mary Ellen McMullen June 28th 1913. They were both 22. Lillian Thomas was born in 1913 and Irene in 1920. Thomas Thomas's father was called Owen Thomas born 1826 in Manchester but his father Emmanuel Thomas was born in 1798 in Wales.I have more family history if you are interested including photos of Mary Ellen McMullen's brothers William and Thomas.
Best Wishes