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where else to search


I am putting together an excel sheet charting the key events in the life of my grandmother who unfortunately died last month and I face the harsh realisation that there was very little known about this lovely lady whose life was full of some very real heartache.

So here I am asking what else I could search to help me better understand her life. From using a subscription on FMP I have managed to fined her birth, marriage and obviously I know her death which has is a good starting block. She had 7 children (including my mother) so their birth years have been plotted along with the subsuquent death of 3 of these children within their adult life.

Is there a way of working out what school she went to and possible contacting them for any records of information or any other leads that I could follow?

My grandmothers name was Jean Alice Bates (Married name Thompson) from Birmingham who was born in Sept 1927. I know that she was evacuated to Wales during WW2 but believe finding out details of this would be almost impossible as most war records where lost during a fire (is this true).



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