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Where to find Divorce Records from 1890s

United States
Hello. I am new to genealogy research and am trying to find find the divorce records of a Dan Halstead and Emma Louisa (Wright) Halstead. I believe the divorce took place sometime between 1891-1897 in Yorkshire. I have been to the National Archives webpage and searched to see if the records were held at the National Archives at Kew but came up with nothing. Does the National Archives contain all of these reocrds or is there another place I can search? Thank you.
Welcome Suzanne
I'm sure the folk here will be able to advise you.
Divorce was expensive and quite scandalous back then, so could be listed in local newspapers?
For the peeps they were together in 1891 census, Daniel bn Huddersfield cotton weaver, Emma born Burnley.
Living in Habergham Eaves Lancs.

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Confused! Did I find the right people in 1891??
According to Free BMD they only married in Sep qtr 1891 Dewsbury Yorks

Emma Louisa Wright to Dan Halstead 9b 1182.

Hello Oznannie. Yes, you have the correct records (Emma Louisa Wright to Dan Halstead 9b 1182 in Sep qtr 1891 Dewsbury Yorks). I shouldn't have included 1891 in the possible years of divorce as it's doubtful they would have separated that soon. You raise a good point though, perhaps they didn't "offically" divorce because of the expense - Dan was a coal miner. In 1897 Dan Halstead sailed to America and one year later married another woman (Annie Elizabeth Howard) who came to the US in 1898 with Dewsbury listed as her place of residence. His first wife, Emma Louisa Wright, ended up marrying another man in Dewsbury in 1910. Perhaps Emma was able to marry another man in Dewsbury because Dan "abandoned" her and in that case divorce was not necessary.

I would like to try to search the newspapers though. Can I do this online? Thank you for your help!

Not sure if this will be of any help but could be worth a look.


I would also check from the USA end of things as well. Dan may have filed for a divorce from there. Im not real sure how it works but my grandmother lived in England and her husband lived in Scotland and he filed for divorce from there. Scotland had the divorce records. Gee what a read that was:eek:
Hi Suzanne
What an interesting family history!!
If Emma listed Daniel as a missing spouse, she could have married 7 years later, declared legally dead? But don't quote me on that.
It looks like Dan had his 2nd wife all lined up before he went to USA do you think?
He's a cotton weaver in 1891, would not have the money for divorce I would think.
In USA who is going to check if he'd been married before in England??
Have you got Dan & Annie in USA?
Tks me dear
Hi Susanne,

My second great grandparents were Emma Wright and Dan Halstead and from what I've read it sounds as though he was a bit of a scoundrel at one point!
I've had my mum helping me research as I too have been looking for divorce records and she has come across your post.
I'm hoping this message reaches you as I know your post was from 2012 but I would be very interested to connect and see if you have found anything!

Thank you