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Where to start?

Hi, I'm trying to find some info on my birth father with whom I've had no contact since the age of three. My mum and dad were divorced and mum re-married when I was twelve. I've tried inputting his name on various sites and on the official registrar site but unfortunately my mum cant remember his birth date after so many years (49 yrs). can anyone advise where I might start?
A start could be made with your surname and birthdate and place of birth. It may be possible to find your fathers name from this. We could also try to find the marriage if you can give your mothers name, inc maiden, and when/where they married.
If the info is sensitive, if you make another post, ie 3 posts total, after a short period you will be able to make a PM (private confidential message) to any me or any other FHUK member

Hi Steve,

A start would be his marriage cert to your mother. It would give his fathers name and occupation. And also the place your father was living at the time.

Thanks for the replies. For some reason, I seem to have hit a brick wall early on :( . Mum cant remember dad's parents names and unfortunately we only have my shortened birth cert from the date she re-married and I was adopted to enable me to take my new dad's surname. I appreciate that it may seem strange that mum can't supply much info, even his birthday, but I gather that they were only married for a few years and its so long ago.
We need to know when your Mum married your natural father.
Her name & his, then we can work on his approx age & location.
Pls send info in a pm to one of our posters.
Thank you and good luck

You should be able to apply for a full birth certificate from the registrar where you were born. There will be a fee but shouldn't be a problem since it is your birth certificate. That should list your father his occupation and address when you were born.
Hi I've suggested Steve send for marr cert as it may give the name of his natural father's Dad whereas Steve's birth cert won't much info apart from address & occupation??

Were your parents married young? Your mother must know her own age when she got married and whether husband was older or younger than herself which should help pin him down. If he was full age when they married that's about 70 years ago.