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Where was Arthur Bird all those years?

My purported grandfather, Arthur Bird (born 13 Sept 1885 in Ashfield) married Nellie Jean Allan in 1909 and my father was born in 1924. However the electoral records don't confirm they were living together during those years. In fact the last official records of Arthur living at the same address as his wife are his army enlistment forms from 1919. He was said to be a bit of a free spirit so I have given him the benefit of the doubt that he visited my grandmother about 9 months prior to dad's birth. However I have not been able to find any info about him at all from 1919 until he died on 12 Aug 1936 in a convalescent hospital in Vaucluse. Since there was one family story about a distraught women coming to the house saying she was his fiancee, I suspect he just went off and set up a new family. Does anyone out there have any clues? I've tried searching for later marriage records but to no avail.
- jeffbird

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