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Which do I believe

The marriage is a puzzle. I agree a cooper probably stays in one place. I have a cooper in my tree who stayed in one place - a gun powder factory.
Well after a nice week away in the sun I've come home to a load of GRO certificates so the quest continues :)
I now have my grandfathers birth, marriage, and death certificates, born 1st July 1888 in Holmer Rd, died 29th January 1962 age 73 so he lied on his marriage certificate, he's listed as 36 when he was in fact 42....................SHOCK HORROR o_O.........................wonder if my gran new??..................she was 24!!
My great grandfather James Davis search is straightforward I think but his mother Cecelia Davies late Wildbore formerly Ashton is the one that gets the juices flowing :p
My grans family has a similar issue down the line, plus her family were boat people taking goods down the canals.