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Whisky Toddy

Just what you need when suffering from a cold or flu.
As Rabbie Burns once said!

''Sit roun' the table weel content
An' steer about the toddy.''

50ml whisky
boiling water
lemon juice-1 tablespoon
sugar ( 4 pieces )

Half fill a glass with hot water. When glass has reached a comfortable temp. pour it out and put sugar in glass, pour in about a wine glass of boiling water and stir ( silver spoons recommended ). When sugar has dissolved add about a wineglass of whisky and stir, add lemon juice. Sip with ''tender loving care'' if one dosen't work try another.
i used to fix my grandma a toddy when i was 12 and she was dying. sure tasted good. :)


hot water
shot of whiskey
tbs of butter
sugar to taste

and guess who tasted!! she was dying of a heart condition and she thought she just had the flu. God love her. that toddy was sure good. marie44
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My wifes Grandfather lived in Aberdeenshire.
Same method, but instead of sugar he used local honey, and Brandy instead of Whisky. Except on Burns night.

This he drank just before bedtime, every night. Never drank at any other time, and this sustained him until he died at the tender age of 97.:)


I heard that in Victorian times they put a damp sock on the neck of someone with a cold or flu to help them get better.


Once an infection got hold in Victorian times, then there was little or nothing a doctor could do for the patient. No antibiotics.