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Who can catch the egg??


Loyal Member
Charters Towers queensland
With been raised on a farm for the first 10 years of my life we had to make our own entertainment. We played the usual games and invented some of our own, mind you our invented games usually landed us in trouble.
We did the usual stuff like hop scotch and skipping and hide 'n' seek but when that got boring we invented the "who can catch the egg" usually one of us did catch it, and it was usually in the face. mum would not be impressed as she used to sell the eggs for extra money. Another one was "catch a sister and tie her to the clothes line". That one didnt go down well neither as dad would have to usually get the scissors to get her undone as we used to tie some good knots. Oh yeah, a great one was "let the piglets out and see who can run the fastest" Mum was the one who could run the fastest trying to catch us so she could wring our necks and trying to round the pigs up at the same time. They would threaten to send us to a "girls finishing school" but never did. To this day i still dont know if there was such a school.


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