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who was michael Callaghan

formby Liverpool
My name is Ali Aindow and I seem to have discovered that My Great Granddad was a serial Bigamist. I found a lady who had my Granddad on her family tree and she said her Grandpa and My Granddad were half brothers. She then informed me that Great Granddad had two wives in the USA, My Great Nana in south west Ireland and a wife in Manchester I am assuming in the UK. Michael Callaghan was Callahan without the G or O'Callahan in the USA. My Great Grandmother was his 2nd wife, his first wife was in New York as was his 3rd number 4 was English though the Distant Relative seems to think there is an Aussie connection also.
I really don't know how to find out if he was a serial Bigamist, how he managed to get across the 'Pond' with such regularity. I do know that my Granddad had very little to say about his Dad, he rarely spoke about his family, he did say had a brother who died in the 1930's which tallies with the information From the American connection. She knew when and where my Granddad died, so I am somewhat confused. Any ideas how I check out this prolific Husband and Father?:eek:
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Michael Callaghan was Callahan without the G or O'Callahan in the USA.

I feel you need to check if Michael Callaghan, Callahan and O'Callahan are the same person. Do you have any of the marriage certificates? Did he have kids to each marriage? If so, did any of the woman fall pregnant around the same time, he couldnt be in the Uk and Usa at the same time so it could help to confirm or eliminate him. A check of passenger lists might help also to see if your fellow did leave the UK at any time.
Did the lady who had the family tree indicate the sources she got her information from?
What approx. years are we looking at?