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Who Would You Like To Meet!


Well-known member
Hi Everyone,
Last night I watched a Documentary I had on Tape about U.S. President John F Kennedy & it made me think if you could go back in History which 3 People would you most like to meet.(Relies not included)
My Choice would be J.F.K. Henry V111 & it"s a toss up between Charles Dickens & Emmiline Pankhurst so let"s make it 4!
Reasons for my choice are I think JFK was the most fascinating man in recent history. Henry, as I"d like to know if he was really as bad as he"s made out to be, Dickens as his books are a real insight into the inequalities & evils of his time & Mrs Pankhurst because at heart I"m a staunch woman"s libber!
I"d love to read who others would like to meet & why.
Happy Hunting everyone
Luv Littlemoxx

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