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Who's got the oldest grandparent


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Robin Hood County
My oldest grandparent was born 1889 but I have a 3rd cousin who is daughter to my gt grandads younger brother, whose parents where born 1839, so I would make that they are one of the eldest grandparents to someone who is still alive.


My oldest grandparent was born in 1913 but my great grandmothers younger brother born in 1918 is still alive aged 90. He was the youngest of several children whose parents married in 1896.

I am still someones great, great nephew.


My grandads cousin born in 1914 remembers his gran very well who was born in 1851. He was 27 when she died.

I think my 1918 born great, great uncles grandparents beat that by a couple of years.

I have spoken with 2 people who knew people born in the 1840s. 2 degrees of separation, me who has spoken to my great, great uncle born in 1918 who spoke to his grandfather Richard Richardson born in 1848.

my great grandomther was born in 1911 and died in 2004.:)i remember her well from my father taking us kids to see her on a sunday with my grandma and grandad there aswell.Her brother also lived a long life born in 1908 and died in 1991.
My Uncle William is the 2nd youngest of 10 children, born in 1917. He has Gt.Gt.Gt. grandchildren, and I think he has a 4x gt.grandchild. Although he's not my Grandparent I think he deserves a mention.
He is the last of that generation of my family. Still does his own shopping, although he uses an electric wheelchair he still walks a fair way.


My great, great grandmother died in September 1943 aged 79. Her father was born in 1813. His father was born in about 1777. So when Kate Coombs died in 1943, her grandfather Thomas Roberts had been born 166 years before that.