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Why do they do it? Cobbling trees together


Loyal Member
I am getting really fed up of people who cobble trees together joining families from opposite parts of the country with no evidence they were ever related. First I had someone put their Matilda Bullivant into my family tree even though if they'd checked theirs married in her place of origin a couple of years later. Now looking at Teasdales I've found they've got George Teasdale born in 2 entirely different places even though a look at the 1841 census for him would have showed he was born and living in Lancashire as had his father if they had bothered to look up the parish records but since he was a George Teasdale with a father Thomas he had to be the same that was born in Sheffield with a father Thomas. Why the Sheffield Thomas who had a thriving business in Sheffield should shoot off to Manchester didn't seem to occur either to this cobbler or why this george in Ashton under lyme as a cotton spinner should suddenly shoot off in his old age to Durham to be a coal miner and die there in spite of the fact that there is a death date for the one in Ashton under Lyme before that. We all make mistakes. I recently thought I'd got the right Sykes Connection as wifes names were identical and right date but on further investigation found it was just coincidence. That's why I never go on only one source. People do travel across the country that's true but you have to check the evidence before you make a conclusion about a family branch. It means I always have to research their family to check It means me having to double check all my evidence and theirs. Grrrrr.

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