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William and George Neal, possible Civil War soldiers

My great great grandfather William Neal was born in Wootton, Lincolnshire in 1828, his brother George abt 3 years later. Both appear on 1851 Uk census, but have vanished by 1861, despite William's wife Ann (nee Dinnis)still being described as "wife". Rumour had it that one or both went to the US and may have got caught up in the Civil War before they could send for their families. Wiliam's last child,Annie, was born in the UK abt 1860, which ties in with the dates. William never came back and the family was left in poverty in Lincolnshire. His son Charles(b 1853) was my gt grandfather. We have no further knowledge of George, either. I found a Captain William D Neal in the 5th Ohio Vol. infantry who looked a lot like him and died at the Battle of Kennesaw Mtn. (we were always told he served in the Yankee army)However, I've been unable to establish whether this William Neal was born in England, and the records don't seem to be available on line. Anybody got any bright ideas about how I could find out more? (I found several William Neals on both sides, by the way, none with English connections so far,though.)My cousin and I both spotted a George William Neal listed in a wagon train convoy dated 1850 and headed for the Cal. Gold Rush(it was on the US Who Do You think You Are, for Sarah Jessica Parker, an a prompt exchange of e mails followed, but dates don't fit exactly!) Anybody got any ideas that might help? Brenda, Derby, England.
Hi Charles, thanks for that. I've had a look thru the Ohio ones(for William, anyway!). In fact, I think I've tried this site before and gave up after deciding life's too short! Boy, do I wish my ancestors had been a bit more original with their names. Trouble is, the site doesn't tell you where the soldiers originated - perhaps none of them do, as it wasn't really relevant at the time. All they really wanted was cannon fodder, I suppose.Poor devils. The photo I found was on the GAR site, and came across it during a Googling session a few years ago, and I think I may have found him again via the site you gave me, but the details are not quite the same. No way of telling if he was my ancestor, though, or even if Ohio was the place he settled. Every time I see any of the Mathew Brady & co. photos, I keep looking for familiar faces! Will keep on looking. Regards, Brenda.
do you know were they may have left England? If know the port, it may tell which port they came in to US. With that may be able to tell which route they used to go inland. this will cut down the number of states.
I have been looking at routes, so have some notes that may help.
if they came into Philadelph they would have used the Great Wagon Road to go west to Ohio(south). If you look at the regiment history most tell were formed.