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William 'Bill' Wright - long lost Grandad

Hi. I have absolutely no hope that I will get anywhere with this search. I'm looking for my Dad's real Dad. My Dad has never been interested in him and has adopted Herbert Garwood his step father as his Dad. The only info I have is as follows.

He was called William Wright 'Bill'
I'd put his birth year from about 1913-1920
My Dad was born in Camberwell (John Johnson 28-6-35) to Winifred Doris Johnson. I'm pretty sure he was from the same area and so would have lived around there.
They used to go hops picking together and my Aunt has a picture that I hope to get a copy of.

I doubt I'll ever get to the bottom of this as my Gran has died and I'd imagine Mr Wright has passed on too.
Do you have your dad's birth certificate? If William is noted as father it should have a address and his occupation on the cert..
I'm not sure if he's on the birth certificate. I'm going to order a copy but I'm not hopeful, my Dad has the short copy and he isn't on that. What is interesting is my Dad said he once found a piece of paper saying that the court had ordered Mr Wright had to pay my Gran a certain amount each week for my Dad's upkeep.

My dad believes Mr Wright was born around 1917 and lived nearby, my Dad lived in Odessa St London. I wonder whether there would be court records for the court order?
My dad was born to a single mum in England in 1937 and his dad wasnt on the birth cert. But just thought i would ask you incase.

I would order the full birth cert all the same. I wanted to know who my grandfather was and when i ordered my father's full birth cert. it had my grandmother's occupation and address which helped me find who i think my grandfather was even tho there was no mention of him on the birth certificate. My grandmother was a live in domestic servant and it appears my grandfather was the "man of the house" :rolleyes: And he was married :rolleyes: Not married to my grandmother tho :eek:
Ooh that sounds interesting. My story doesn't involve any extra marital affairs. From what I can gather they were going out, she got pregnant and his parents wouldn't let them marry. I am loathe to pay £10 for a birth certificate if it doesn't name William Wright as the father. However I wonder if my Gran would have been able to get the payments if he wasn't named on it.
Oh it was interesting alright :biggrin:

If he was paying your grandmother money i would think there would be some record of it somewhere. I wouldnt know where to look but another member might have some advice. Sorry i wasnt much help :)
I think you must be right, I'm hoping I may find a court order, although I have no idea where to start. I think I may just concede spending £10 and start with the birth certificate. My Dad has shown his first glimmer of interest in finding his Dad and wanting to know if he has any more half brother's or sisters.

I wish his Dad had an unusual name, that would be much easier haha!