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William Burridge 1841 Cumberland

According to the GRO site William Burridge died in the Whitehaven Registration District in 1844 aged 88 years. This gives him a birth year of c1756. Can anyone find him in the 1841 Census please, because I'm having great difficulty.

Sorry Em couldn't find him in the 1841 census. I found a couple of baptisms in other parts of the country if that's any help??

I don't know where he was born. He married Mary Tiffin in 1776 in St Bees. She was born 1752 in Whitehaven. I was hoping to find out from the Census whether or not he was 'born in County'.

I know the age is out, but is it possible that the enumerator got it horribly wrong.
I don't know how many pages there are in this district, but it could be worth scanning through the originals, page by page.


Name William Burridge
Event Type Census
Event Date 1841
Event Place St Bees, Cumberland, England
Residence Note Tatter'S Buildings
Gender Male
Age 50-54
Age (Original) 50
Birth Year (Estimated) 1787-1791
Birthplace Cumberland
Registration District Whitehaven
Parish St Bees
County Cumberland
Page Number 34
Registration Number HO107
Piece/Folio 178/20
Affiliate Record Type Household

William Burridge M 50-54 Cumberland
William Burridge M 30-34 Cumberland
Abbey Burridge F 50-54 Cumberland
Margaret Burridge F 15-19 Cumberland
Ann Burridge F 15-19 Cumberland
John Burridge M 15-19 Cumberland
Mary Burridge F 8 Cumberland

Unfortunately the Enumerator did not get his age wrong. I'm afraid that is his son, also William, and family.

Thanks for looking, though.

I don't know how many pages there are in this district, but it could be worth scanning through the originals, page by page.

There are only about 20x double pages for St Bees i.e. the area where his son is and William Sr. doesn't appear to be on any of them...

Unless there is more to St Bees he may be in another Parish.


EDIT: Just noticed on the IGI there are quite a few variants to Burridge..
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William is a real mystery man. I cannot find a birth/baptism for him. Gro states he died 1844 but I can't find a burial either.

He married, according to fs, in St Bees. He had 5 children between 1777 and 1798, all baptised St Bees.

The surname is troublesome. fs has it as Bourage for his marriage and the baptisms of 4 of the children. The last child was down as Bouridge and on the baptism of one of his grandchildren it was spelt Bourredg.

However searching just using B and a wildcard throws up zilch in the 1841 Census and I don't think that he'd be moving that far at the age of around 85.

I am fast coming to the conclusion that certain ancestors aren't just dead, they are total dead ends!