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William Carter

William Carter's newspaper death notice and official death certificate state he was born in March 1833 and his father was John Carter, agricultural labourer. His emigration record of 1857 gives his native place as Berkshire and his marriage certificate states he was married in Hinton Waldrist, Berkshire to Elizabeth Edmonds on April 13, 1857. He sailed to Australia on 4 June, 1857 as an agricultural labourer.

There the trail ends. I have compared every record I could find for him in the 1841 census for the whole of the UK without finding a definite match, I can find several possible records in the 1851 census when he is not with his family and I have checked the 1861 census records to eliminate possible Williams as he had emigrated by then.

As I have done quite a lot of research online and purchased original marriage and death certificates as well as checking newspapers, I cannot work out how on earth to find his birth record and hopefully his mother. Any suggestions please!
Hello and welcome to the Forum.

Reminds me of one in my tree where all the details in a marriage certificate re place of birth and parents names appear to be false.

I'm sure a few of the members here will have a look for you.

Hi Anne.

Shipping records to Victoria don't seem to have as much info as the Assisted to NSW where you often get names of parents and if still alive, where living.

With William and Carter you have very common names.

Not all census records have survived while others have been very poorly transcribed.

Does the marriage also list his father as John, with any occupation?

When did William die and who was the informant?

I put 'born in march 1833' in Trove and I can't find the notice.

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Hi Anne,

Found these :-
1841 Census for Waldrist, Berkshire

Minah Carter 55 1786
Alfred Carter 20 1821
Hester carter 70 1771
Emma Carter 8 1833
William carter 6 1835
Mary Carter 4 1837

1851 Census for Hinton, Berkshire
Meria Carter 71 1780
Alfred Carter 33 1818
William Carter 17 1834 ( says Grandson)

I think Hinton and Waldrist are the same place - Hinton Waldrist where William married.

William Carter marr.cert has it the father's name ?

Hinton Waldrist, Berkshire, parish registers, 1559-1974.
by Elisabeth Blizzard; Church of England. Parish Church of Hinton-Waldrist (Berkshire)
Book Microform : Microfiche
Language: English
Publisher: [England] : Oxfordshire Family History Society, [199-?]
Database: WorldCat

Includes baptisms, 1559-1974; marriages, 1559-1974; banns, 1755-1906; burials, 1559-1974

Hinton Waldrist, Berkshire, parish register
Family History Library
British B2 Access Services

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William died in October 1900 and his death notice in the Geelong Advertiser gives his age as 67 years and 7 months.

His marriage cert lists his father as John Carter, ag lab.
His death certificate has information given by his son, also stating father John, ag lab, but the mother is listed as Unknown and his birth place as England. As his widow was not the informant, she probably knew his mother's name, but the marriage witnesses are her father and sister and not Wm's relatives so perhaps not. It is possible Wm's widow included his birthplace and exact dates on his gravestone but I have not been able to get to it yet.

I have seen the Hinton Waldrist census records and will check them out again. I think I was looking for an exact age of 8, which is perhaps not a good idea. I do think it likely he was not living with his parents due to some family breakdown/crisis and he could have been born anywhere.
Many thanks for the thoughtful suggestions, much appreciated.
Looking at the 1841 and 1851 censuses in post #5 Alfred Carter was bapt 25 Dec 1817 at Hinton Waldrist, the son of Maria and Edward. This couple bapt ten children there between 1803 and 1821, the eldest being John Carter in 1803 so it is possible that the William Carter, grandson to Maria in 1851, could have had a father John.

A John Carter married Jane Dougliss in Hinton Waldrist 22 Oct 1827, possible parents for William.

The 1851 census says this William was born at Standlake in Oxfordshire, only a couple of miles from Hinton but over the county border.

A Jane Carter aged 33 died in Faringdon Reg. Dist. Q4 1839. Hinton Waldrist is part of Farington. (it is the RD for the marriage of William in 1857)

An Elizabeth Edmonds was bapt 26 March 1837 at Hinton Waldrist d.o. William and Ann. In 1841 this family were next household but one to the Carter household in post#5.

In 1851 William and Ann were still in Hinton Waldrist with their younger children but Elizabeth was not with them, presumably in a live-in job elsewhere.

Surely if this is the correct Elizabeth Edmonds then her husband must be the William Carter who lived next door but one as a child?

In the 1841 census, post #5, the youngest Carter child is Mary aged 4. Looking at the image it is very feint and looks more like Mercy Carter.

A Mercy Carter d.o. John and Jane Carter was bapt at Hinton Waldrist 14 May 1837. Assuming the three Carter children are siblings that would give William's parents.

Following Mercy Carter b Hinton Berks through the censuses, she married David Hill Sept 15 1860. Brompton London. Age 23yrs, father John Carter Laborer decd.

Many many thanks to all those brilliant pieces of detective work! I am sure you have all found the right families of both William and his future wife Elizabeth Edmonds, his neighbour. He has apparently lost his parents at a young age and been brought up by his grandmother. I really appreciate all the work put in on my behalf and I can now trace his earlier generations after all your help.
Thanks again to all who worked so hard on my behalf,