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William Charles Hoaten


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I am really stumped with this man, have been hitting a brick wall with him for 4 years.http://www.forum.familyhistory.uk.com/images/icons/icon9.gif

If anyone out there can help me I would be very grateful. This is what I know:
William, born in Staines in 1876 or 1879, came to South Africa in 1899. Soon after he was attested in to the BSAP and did service in the Anglo-Boer war and in WW1 (a Lieutenant in German East Africa, now Namibia).

His 1st wife was came to SA in 1907. After she died he married Mabel Mary Crombie nee Cookson.
Major Hoaten was a major in the BSAP (British Police in Rhodesia). By the time he retired, he was said to have been one of the highest ranking officers in the fledging defence forces.

There is a cutting from a Rhodesian newspaper about 1938 that describes the wedding of Mabel daughter with her 1st husband, Mary Elizabeth Crombie to Stuart Clarkson. In it, she is "given away by her step-father Major Hoaten." also "There was no formal reception owing to the health of the brides mother, but some intimate friends motored out to Hillside to the resdent of Captain and Mrs Hough where the cake was cut.. ."

I am more interested in his information before he came to South Africa - his parents, siblings etc.
I have searched for any information on this William Charles Hoaten, but so far nothing has been found. It is almost as if this was a newly created person who did not exist before he came to SA - did he create a new identity or am I not looking in the 'right' places?

Please, if anyone can help me, I would really appreciate it.:confused:




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near Boston Lincolnshire
I have taken up the challenge on this and will keep searching. I suspect ther is a transcription error in his surname

I have tried names like Boaten, Heaton and Hatton with little joy. I am going to try Horton next

In the 1851 census there are two Hoaten families all born in Cardington Bedfordshire
John 1792 and Charlotte1790 with dau in law Jane 1814 a widow and grandchildren Thomas 1838; Alfred 1844 and John 1847
and other family Lydia described as married but no husband present with her children William 18, Thomas 14, Joseph 11, Morris 8, Samuel 5 and Elizabeth 1

in 1871
There is Susan Hoaten described as married born 1816 Truro but no husband present with three neices called Pearce with her

and in 1911
Amelia Louisa Hoaten a widow born in 1851 in liverpool a house keeper living at 125 Cambridge Rd Southport

I have found your William C Hoaten in the WW1 medal rolls index card as a Lieutenant in British South African Police with the Victory and British medal.

The men all seem to die or disappear but I strongly suspect one of the young men above will have moved to the Staines area and married and produced a son ... your William C Hoaten

I will keep looking... do give any other clues you might have


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