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William COOK


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William c. 6 Sep 1802 Ludlow, Shropshire
John COOK & Ann
Batch P006801

William COOK & Elizabeth DAVIES
Marriage 30 Jan 1825 Ludlow, Shropshire
Film 1702080

William c. 20 Jul 1827 Ludlow, Shropshire
William COOK & Elizabeth
Batch C006802

Deaths Sep Qtr 1857 COOK Elizabeth [57] Kings Norton 6c 253

Marriages Dec 1859 Birmingham 6d 309
COOK William & UPTON Eliza

Births Mar 1861 COOK Blanche Milldred - Birmingham 6d 223 mmn UPTON

Family arrived in Australia between May 1861 and May 1864 ??

Birth 1864/C0678 Cooke Bertram William Greenley - William - Eliza Upton * 23 May

Death 11 Sep 1891/C02104 Cook William - John Cook - Sarah Cadwalitor ?

Ok, now I've confused myself. Which William married in 1859?
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Marriage 1885/C01425 Kilner William Charles Hirst - Cook Blanch Mildred

The William who died in 1891 was 89 years old.

Queensland Times, Ipswich Herald and General Advertiser (Qld.) - Sat 12 Sep 1891 p.4
WE regret that we have to chronicle the death of another old resident of this town in the person of Mr. William Cook. His death took place, yesterday, at the residence of his son-in-law, Mr. W. C. H. Kilner, ...

The William who married Eliza Upton is the father of Blanche Mildred. That means the 1859 marriage is his second. His first wife Elizabeth Davies having died in 1857.

His mother is either Ann or Sarah depending on the death reg and the 1802 baptism.
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William junior arrived earlier - between 1851 census and 1859.

William Cook
Marriage year 1825
Marriage date 30 Jan 1825
Marriage place Ludlow
Spouse's ElizabethDavies
Spouse's age -
Residence Shropshire, England
County Shropshire
Country England


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Gender Male
Baptism year 1827
Baptism date 20 Jul 1827
Place LudlowC
Country England
Father's first name(s) William Cook
Mother's first name(s) Elizabeth
Richard Cook
Gender Male
-Baptism year 1825
Baptism date 19 Dec 1825
Place Ludlow
County Shropshire
Country England
Father's first name(s) William Cook
Mother's first name(s) ElizabethMother's last name -
Age 26
Birth year 1826
Marriage year 1852
Marriage date 21 Sep 1852
Spouse's first name(s) Emma AmeliaThomas
Spouse's age 19
Spouse's birth year 1833
Father's first name(s) William Cook
Denomination Baptists
Marriage place Birmingham, Church of the Saviour, Edward Street
County Warwickshire
Country EnglandThe National Archives reference TNA/RG/8/98
Description Birmingham, Church of the Saviour, Edward Street: Marriages (pt 2)Record set England & Wales Non-Conformist Marriages
Marriage year 1859
Marriage date 20 Nov 1859
Marriage place Birmingham
Spouse's first name(s) Elizabeth Reeves

I think that's a different William, Ellie.

William Greenley Cook
Birth Date: 17 Jul 1827
Birth Place: Ludlow, Shropshire, England
Spouse: Clara Elizabeth Quilley Snell

points to the marriage in Australia even though the reg has Cooke.

Or the tree is wrong.
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Perhaps the tree is wrong and William married in England not Australia in 1859 given this for his sister.

Marriages Sep 1855 Birmingham 6d 195
ASTON Edward & COOK Milbrough

Edward Aston
Marriage: 13 Sep 1855 Birmingham, Warwickshire, England
Marriage Age: 27
Father: Edward Aston
Spouse: Milbrough Cook
Spouse Age: 24
Spouse's Father: William Cook
[Milbrough's add = The Light Wood, Harbourne Father's occ = Marble mason]
Thanks Ellie.

If the 1802 baptism is correct then mother on death reg is an error. Ludlow would fit but I can't find a baptism with mother Sarah.

Death 11 Sep 1891/C02104 Cook William - John Cook - Sarah Cadwalitor ?
1851 England, Wales & Scotland Census
Lightwood House, Beech Lane, Harborne, Kings Norton, Staffordshire & Warwickshire, England

William Cook Head Married Male 48 1803 Statutary (Employing 11 Men)Ludlow, Shropshire, England
Elizabeth Cook Wife Married Femal 49 1802 Statutary's WifeLudlow, Shropshire, England
Richard Cook Son Unmarried Male25 1826 StatutaryLudlow, Shropshire, England
Milbrough Cook Daughte Unmarried Female 20 1831Statutary's Daur Worcestershire, England

GeorgePearceNephewUnmarriedMale181833StatutaryHerefordshire, England

ThomasHillNephewUnmarriedMale101841ScholarLudlow, Shropshire, England
William Cook
Gender Male
Birth year -Birth place -
Baptism year 1802
Baptism date 06 Sep 1802
Place Ludlow
County Shropshire
Country England
Father's first name(s) JohnFather's last name Cook
Mother's first name(s) AnnMother's last name -Record set England Births & Baptisms 1538-1975
Marriage year 1800
Marriage date 16 Sep 1800
Marriage place Ludlow
Denomination Anglican
Residence Ludlow
Spouse's first name(s) Ann Whittell
Spouse's residence Ludlow
County Shropshire
Register date range 1789-1812
Archive reference P176/A/3/2
Page 48
Register type MarriageRecord set Shropshire Marriages