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William DENTON

United States
Looking for info on William DENTON b. 2 June 1833 in Lincolnshire, probably Bardney. His parents were Johnathan DENTON and Frances SWABEY of Bardney. He married Mary HAMMER HICKSON(or HICKS) in 1858. She had several children from her former marriage, but only 1 with William - James William DENTON, b. 1862, my great grandfather. I'm hoping to find whether William came to the US with wife, child, and children from her former marriage sometime in 1860's, possibly 1866. Some accounts say he died in England, other accounts say the US. I can't find proof either way.

Thanks for any help you can give me.
I haven't been able to find them. I've looked at the lists for Castle Garden with no success. It's possible they didn't land at New York, but I don't know where else to look. They traveled from wherever they landed to Ohio.
Hi Casey,

I couldn't find anything on the passenger lists on the site I use well nothing that stood out. Have found them on the US census as the year of immigration should be there. Did spot a couple of the children on the 1870 US census looks like Mary remarried! Nothing about the immigration year.
If this is your James in 1870 (some has put an alternative name of Deuter:confused:) the immirgration is down as 1868. Still the same family in Cardington Morrow Ohio (under Denton) in 1930 immirgration year 1866.
Yes, Mary did remarry. I wish I could find out more about her. She sure didn't have any problems finding husbands - just keeping them alive.

I was told by my gr-grandfather, that he was 4 years old when they came. I just can't find any confirmation of that. Part of the problem is that there are several Denton families who came to that area of Ohio from Bardney, but most of the Bardney Dentons ended up in Kansas. I have a lot of information about them.

I do know that when Mary came, she had her daughter Elizabeth Hickson with her, as well as my gr-grandpa. Her son Isaac Hickson came to the same area of Ohio, but I don't know when. There are many of that particular Hickson line in Morrow Co. Ohio too. Other children Of Mary & her first husband stayed in Bardney.

Thanks for your help.