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William & Eliza CLARKE

Hi Dave,

Do you not think its likely?

I don't think there could have been any other William J Clarkes who were surgeons who lived in Huddersfield in the 1860s.

I know that a William J Clarke who was a surgeon bought the land and built the house. I also know that by 1871 the house was owned by a Joseph Wigley who was a woollen merchant.

It would be interesting to know a bit more about my house.

Regards Pippa
Hi Dave,

I would lay money that it is the same man.

On an earlier post Julie mentioned New North Road. New North Road becomes Edgerton Road, which is the address for this house, 100 yards away.

Also having looked at my notes. William did not live in the house. He bought the land in the mid 1800s and had the house built. But he then rented it out.

John William Street is about a mile away

Regards Pippa
Hello Pippa,

Ok, I will agree there is probably only one such surgeon, so it's possible he built and sold the house but never lived in it. Or lived in it between census time.

I found this by searching and a picture on the web of the house. Fine looking building it is. :)

... I am researching the ancestors of my grandfather Lister Percy Lodge who was born in 1875 at the home of his parents Joah Lodge and Eliza nee Sutcliffe at Grannum Lodge, on Belgrave Terrace, in Huddersfield England. I believe that Grannum Lodge is no longer in existence. Joah was a worsted manufacturer and owned the Bath mills in Lockwood. I have found the family listed in the 1841 census...

Another with the same name?,_Huddersfield_Registration_District

The stone gate post next to the For Sale sign says it is Crannum Lodge so a different one.


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Hi Dave,

That is really interesting.

This house is now known as Grannum Lodge - but at one time was Crannum Lodge. The house was divided into two properties at some time in the 1940s - so there is now Grannum Lodge and Grannum House. I live in the Grannum Lodge.

I also know that in 1881 and 1891 Joah Lodge was living in the house.

And thank you - it is a lovely house to live in.

One photo HERE

Crannum Lodge on corner of Edgerton Road and Blacker Road - in Google Street View it is No 6 on the gate post. Taken Nov 2009 - For Sale sign up.

EDIT: I just noticed something.

The left gate post says Crannum Lodge No 6

The right gate post says Crannam House No 6A
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Yes - that is right.

6a is Grannum House

6 is Grannum Lodge.

It is interesting that the Lodge family were cloth manufacturers. Huddersfield is still famous for its cloth. Taylor and Lodge are still well known around here.

(we put the house on the market briefly a few years ago but then changed our minds)

Yes, the Kilner family were in the cloth trade too.

I don't understand half the English Heritage description. :biggrin: